Cut costs and spare resources with intelligent Battery Monitoring


Mobile battery-powered HMI systems like the TROLLEY ensure maximum flexibility for production environments and cleanrooms. Intelligent Battery Monitoring helps your users ensure smooth operation of battery-powered systems, so resulting in cost-efficient, low-resource and environmentally friendly usage.

Cost-effective, resource saving & environmentally friendly - Extending battery life time

Battery Monitoring supports the best use of TROLLEY systems and their batteries by your operators. Advices and warnings regarding battery level, capacity and signs of aging allow the optimal use of batteries. Thus the battery life time can be extended. 

Intelligent, proactive & energy efficient - Intelligent monitoring for system downtime prevention

The intelligent analysis of physical values can indicate atypical operating conditions and critical trends, e.g. deep discharge immediately. This allows quick elimination of the detected issues and permits permanent operation with sensors working at the highest energy efficiency. 

Cloudbased, easy & safe access from anywhere - All important values at a glance

The Battery Monitoring portal can be accessed by any end device. Thanks to responsive design it is easy to operate and clearly structured. The different views provide centralized information on charging level, capacity, and many more for all connected devices, at different locations.

Retrofittable, universally usable & battery type independent - Monitoring for every battery-operated system

The intelligent Battery Monitoring solution can be easily retrofitted for all TROLLEY systems independent of the integrated battery technology.

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