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Industrial tablet for cleanrooms - The Zebra ET51 in stainless steel casing


Systec & Solutions® GmbH is now offering an additional version of the cleanroom tablet. In addition to the two standard Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple iPad Pro tablets, the company has adapted an industrial tablet manufactured by Zebra for use in the cleanroom.

Why use an industrial tablet?

Industrial tablets offer numerous advantages for manufacturing companies. As well as enabling mobile use, they are more robust and temperature-insensitive than commercially available tablets. However, long-term component availability and longer life cycles make them particularly interesting for regulated industries. Unlike a Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad, they are also compatible with various operating systems, allowing Windows and Android or IGEL OS to be used. The latter enables integration into an IGEL infrastructure and therefore central and secure administration of the IT landscape.

Why a conventional industrial tablet is not a good idea in a cleanroom

Industrial tablets are very well suited for use in harsh environments. However, due to their design, they are not cleanroom compatible. Specifically, cleanrooms require easy and complete cleaning and disinfection. Surface materials and a smooth and edge-free design play a crucial role. Plug contacts and controls must also be designed in such a way that proper cleaning is possible and that no contamination or liquids can get in and cause damage to the device. Conventional industrial tablets are not designed for day-to-day cleaning with aggressive media, and this may even invalidate the warranty.

How can the benefits of an industrial tablet be transferred to cleanrooms?

To ensure that pharmaceutical manufacturers in cleanrooms can benefit from the advantages of an industrial tablet, Systec & Solutions has developed a suitable stainless steel casing (1.4401) for the ET51 industrial tablet from Zebra. It is completely enclosed, has no gaps or edges and complies with IP65. To enable cleanroom-compliant operation, it is equipped with a flush-mounted and easy to clean CLEANROOM CONNECTOR, which provides power and data transmission via a magnetically dockable cable. On/off switches and volume buttons can be operated on the front of the tablet. An additional protective glass protects the multi-touch display.

How can the industrial tablet be ergonomically integrated into the cleanroom?

The multi-touch display can be used with standard cleanroom gloves or a stainless steel cleanroom stylus. In addition, it is also possible to choose a holder that enables installation on a bench or mounting on the wall. With the standardized VESA hole pattern (75x75 mm) the bracket can also be attached to standard support arm systems. The holder can be attached in such a way that the tablet can be used either with a screen inclination of approx. 30° or approx. 60° as required. Once the tablet has been secured using the clamp mechanism, the user can operate it safely without it slipping, and it can be charged if necessary.

Overview of Zebra ET51 in stainless steel casing:

  • Industrial tablet with long-term component availability
  • Extremely compact 10.1” display
  • Enclosed in stainless steel 1.4401, it complies with IP65 and is suitable for exceptionally demanding cleaning requirements
  • Android or IGEL OS possible in addition to Windows
  • Adjustable display sensitivity of for optimum usage with different gloves
  • First-class display brightness for a wide range of light conditions
  • Certifications available for numerous countries

Would you like to find out more about using an industrial tablet in your cleanroom?

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