Mobile operating stations for cleanrooms – The 10 advantages they offer


On a support arm, as a laboratory workstation or flush-mounted in a cleanroom wall. There are any number of mounting options for HMI systems. Not so many people are as yet familiar with mobile operating stations, in other words HMI systems that stand on roller-mounted bases and, equipped with a battery and WLAN, can be moved to wherever they are needed in the cleanroom. Our article explains the advantages to be gained from mobile operating stations such as our TROLLEY systems both for existing cleanrooms and for new premises.

1. No structural work is required for mobile cleanroom operating stations

With mobile operating stations, you can use an HMI system without having to make any structural changes to your cleanroom. This is particularly useful for applications in existing buildings, and obviates the need for expensive construction and conversion work.

2. No effect on cleanroom status and no disruption to production

As there is no need for openings or holes, which would mean a permanent modification of your cleanroom wall, you do not risk losing your cleanroom status when installing, replacing or repairing the operating stations. There is thus no disruption to your production processes.

3. Flexibility makes the best possible use of hardware in cleanrooms

A single mobile operating station can be employed at different working locations and so take the place of multiple fixed HMI systems. Integrated WLAN and a powerful battery in the base provide maximum flexibility. Which means the unit is ready for operation wherever it is needed.

4. The operating stations are designed for simple and efficient cleaning 

Fully enclosed in stainless steel, without any beads or edges, mobile operating stations are easy, quick and convenient to clean. Being mobile, there are no hidden corners behind the units. Protection class IP 65 makes them suitable for wiping and spraying with all standard disinfectants.

5. Ergonomically designed cleanroom workstation

Thanks to a hinged keyboard and optional height adjustment, the mobile operating station can be ideally adapted to suit different body heights. Non-reflecting displays provide a perfect view from any angle without having to change posture.

6. Save money and resources by extending battery service life

Cloud-based battery monitoring makes it easy to keep a watch on battery status and quality. Atypical operating statuses are noticed immediately and can be rectified before failure occurs. It also helps your workers to use the batteries correctly, and ensures cost-efficient, resource-preserving and ecological operation.

7. Mobile operating stations are instantly ready for use

Plug-and-Work – Our mobile operating stations are supplied ready for plug-in. There is no need for costly, time-consuming installation work. The workstation is immediately ready for operation. With certain TROLLEY solutions, a printer and scanner are already integrated. And it is also no problem to connect up scanners and printers of other makes via integrated WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces.

8. No cross-contamination with wireless operating stations

To avoid cable-induced cross-contamination we can offer a version of the TROLLEY with inductive battery charging system that does not require any cables whatsoever. The inductive function allows charging even while the system is in operation. So there is no need to interrupt work.

9. A solution to suit every situation

Whatever you are looking for - a powerful battery, a particularly compact unit, a dual screen solution, or an all-in-one package with space for a label printer - we can supply a wide range of mobile TROLLEY system versions to suit your requirements.

10. Immediate and long-term cost savings through the use of mobile systems

All the advantages mentioned above add up to considerable cost savings. Not just by cutting out the expense of installation and reducing the number of HMI systems required. But also by upholding the cleanroom status, avoiding production stoppages and ensuring particularly efficient cleaning.

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