Systec & Solutions GmbH has found the perfect hardware concept for demanding production environments in the food industry.

The essential task of the food industry is to provide the population with sufficient, high-quality food. In order to actually achieve high-quality food, there are numerous regulations to be observed in the food industry, that also includes the production environment.

Originally, the main focus was the clean state of production equipment before process begin. Nowadays, the requirement for safe production is that equipment must be designed to be easy to clean and be hygiene-compliant. A distinction is generally made between open and closed systems. Closed systems are easy to clean because only the interior comes into contact with the product. In open systems, however, all the surrounding surfaces and areas must be observed in order to avoid the risk of contamination. This not only includes the housing and external walls of the equipment but also other parts in the immediate vicinity, such as frames, cladding, feet, wheels and operating panels.

Due to the variety of food, the food industry is a very heterogeneous sector. It is divided into approximately 25 specialized branches, whose production is carried out in different ways. Besides compliance with general guidelines (e.g. GMP), the creation of a HACCP concept is essential. HACCP stands for "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points" and stands for seven principles, which help to create an in-house self-monitoring system.

The systems of Systec & Solutions GmbH meet the requirements of food production. Individual adjustments to your production environment are also possible. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.


+ PCT multi-touch display with capacitive buttons and optical bonding
+ Laminated protective film ensures shatter protection

The hardware specially developed for the food industry meets the following requirements:

  • Completely closed stainless steel housing
  • Protection class IP65
  • Fulfills hygiene requirements
  • Also easy to clean with disinfectant
  • Operable with rubber gloves
  • Easy to operate touchscreens
  • Non-reflecting display with optimal readability and a laminated protective film
  • Keyboards made of glass or film, shatterproof

+ HMI system PILOT
+ Mobile workstation TROLLEY

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